Frequently Asked Questions (+ photos of Pottery)


How They Are Made!

Each tile is created by first applying the raised relief for the design. This is known as tube-lining and is a very labour intensive and highly skilled procedure. A tool similar to a piping bag for icing, with a very fine opening, is used to apply lines of very fine clay to the surface of a tile to create the design. It is then fired, hand painted, glazed and finally fired again at over 1000 deg C for 24 hours. This ensures that the vibrant colours used in the painting will never fade, and that the tile maintains its quality for a lifetime. Usually a black felt cloth covered board is then applied as a backing to the tile and a hanging hook is provided to enable the tile to be hung as a wall picture.

About 36 hours are dedicated to producing each tile, this makes the creation process very labour intensive.

Are the tiles suitable for use outside?

The tiles are perfectly suitable for all conditions except severe frost. If they are to be displayed outside they should not be fixed with tile adhesive as this does not permit expansion and contraction of the wall, in fluctuating temperatures. Remove the backing board then use Silicon as an alternative solution to fixing

Can the tiles be used close to hot surfaces such as a hotplate?

They are fine provided they are not exposed to direct flame or directly opposite the source of heat. They can be used behind a cooker as a decorative Splashback without problem.

Do you take commissions?

No we do not produce bespoke designs due to the cost and disruption of producing one-off tiles

My tile has a small hairline crack on the surface when I inspect it very closely, is it ok?

It is quite normal for a tile to have very slight crazing in the tile glaze. This occurs occasionally as a tile cools, but it does not weaken the tile and will not deteriorate over time. When the tile is viewed at a normal distance of over 1m the crazing will not be visible.



Drawing and Glazing department in the factory.

The Oven Baking department.

After the temperatures drop, the tiles can come out of the oven. The tile becomes a firm art image, the vibrant colours used in the painting will never fade, and the tile maintains its quality for a lifetime.


The Package department.

The Framing Department.

(some tiles leave the factory ready framed)





14th- 15th

Great Eccleston Show.







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